Pumpkin Spice + Herbal Advice

Cheers to the arrival of Autumn! We also welcome you to our new website + FIRST BLOG!!!  In our blog we want to talk about everything herbal you want to talk about.  We won't get into all of that today...but we will leave you with this...Back to school is just beginning for some. Lets take a look at supplements to support your littles immune system:

ZINC: Plays a role in the prevention of pneumonia + may decrease the duration of a cold.

PROBIOTICS: Contains strains of good bacteria that may reduce the incidence of the common cold.

VITAMIN D: Deficiency in this vitamin is associated with increased rates of respiratory infections.

VITAMIN C: Goes beyond just OJ (orange juice).  While vitC is available in may fruits + veggies taking a supplement may decrease the duration of the common cold.

Now, let's take a look at medicinal herbs, which are a great alternative to medications that may have side effects + questionable ingredients.  Immune boosting herbs you can take at the first sign of illness.  These herbs can also be given after your child has been exposed to an illness, or  they can be used as preventative to keep immunity activated + strong.  

Astragalus, Echinacea + Elderberry plants are all immunostimulants, immune system boosters, that are antivirals, anti-inflammatory , antiseptic + safe for children.  Our personal favorite to 'have on hand'...drumroll please🥁🥁🥁🥁🥁🥁🥁...

ELDERBERRY SYRUP: Elderberries strengthen the cell walls making it tough for infection + bacteria to infiltrate.  Our formulation contains ingredients such as: astragalus, cinnamon + rosehips; which contain 20x's the vitaminC of an orange.  Talk about an immunity boost!!! Make sure you order yours today from our online store!!